We work with a team of qualified scientists and laboratories specializing in product testing. We offer a wide range of cosmetics testing:


Basic examination

  • Microbiological purity
  • Maintenance test (Challenge Test)
  • Stability and compatibility of the mass with the packaging
  • Physicochemical tests of the mass (pH, density, viscosity, organoleptic evaluation)
  • Water activity testing
  • PAO – Shelf life after opening

Additional tests

  • Dermatological tests (ordinary and extended dermatology)
  • Application tests under the supervision of a specialist doctor
  • Instrumental and apparatus tests
  • SPF testing (in vivo, in vitro)
  • IR protection test, Blue light
  • Antioxidant properties (in vivo, in vitro)
  • Study of the microbiome
  • Examination for the admissibility of halal common law
  • Determination of cannabinoids
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Peroxide number
  • Determination of heavy metals
  • Determination of allergens

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