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Evaluation of air microbiological purity

The test is performed using the impact method, which allows to assess the content of bacterial and fungal cells in 1 m3 air.

Testing the purity of production water after the treatment process (distillation, demineralization, deionization)

The test is performed by filtration through membrane filters, which allows to assess the number of bacterial cells in 1 ml of water. The test is performed in accordance with the guidelines of FP XII.

Testing the production environment for microbiological contamination (air, surfaces)

The air is tested by the impact method and the surfaces by imprints or swabs.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of air disinfection using the ionization process, photocatalysis or UV-C radiation.

We help in choosing the right research methodology, which depends on the technology used.

Evaluation of the antimicrobial effectiveness of surfaces and filtration materials

The test is performed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22196:2011